Intaglio Syllabus

Art 478/678: Intaglio                                         8:30 - 11:18AM M,W,F, Haskett Hall 118

Lecturer: Ian Ruffino                                       Office hour Wednesday 2:30-3:30, 203 Haskett Hall
Email                             General Art dept. questions:

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Students are asked to question what their work is, how it comes to be, and why they are making it while studying intaglio as a medium for intelligent expression. Various technical approaches to making plates will be addressed including dry point, metal engraving, hard ground, soft ground, soap ground, sugar lift, and aquatint. Various approaches to printing will also be addressed including registering multiple plates, making collé(s), using color and different types of paper. Equal importance is given to technical and conceptual accomplishment.

ATTENDANCE ON TIME AND REQUIRED at all lectures, demonstrations, critiques and as a regular work pattern at all other times. Absence is inappropriate. You are responsible for every class period during the quarter. As a general rule four missed classes will prove to be an insurmountable amount of missed time to overcome in order to meet all requirements with anything more than average accomplishment. You are expected to use class time effectively, which means spending time outside of class preparing to assure that there is in-class work to do so that I can answer the questions that arrive during that time. This is a labor-intensive course, and you should expect to spend at least 15 hours a week outside of class time to meet all of the requirements.

GRADES are based on the quality of the work produced as it reflects the extent of initiative, self-challenge, and growth. An important part of the comprehensive total will be involvement and participation in the class throughout the term, parsed by demonstrations, discussions, critiques, and individual work ethic. The final portfolio is the proof of your accomplishments, and the primary objective is the exhibition of excellence both conceptually and technically in development through the medium of intaglio. Presentation is important (organized, clean, intelligent). Individual questions and discussions are welcomed and encouraged throughout the course. Initiative and creative problem solving are a necessity.

NOTE: Any student with some documented disability requiring reasonable academic accommodations or adjustments is requested to speak confidentially with the professor as soon as possible but no later than the third class meeting.

2 editions (of at least five prints each)
5 BAT prints (edition not necessary)
  -1 large scale (minimum 20” x 20”)
   -1 multiple plate (minimum 3 plates)
   -1 color and/or collé
1 -test plate (printed properly)
1 -trade book (properly constructed)
4 written assignments:
   -1 What would you like to research? How does the idea of this course inspire you?
   -2 Contextualize, Theorize, Criticize
   -3 ? Will relate to lecture/reading topics -more information will be given when assigned.
   -4 According to the grade scale provided rate your accomplishment for this course, and explain
    in depth why you feel that your reflection is appropriate.            
Extra work
   -Signed and numbered correctly

All prints must be properly signed and numbered titles are optional (see Print Signing Guidelines). NOTE - An edition is not considered as such unless it is properly printed (clean edges). All editions should have acid-free slip-sheets the same size as prints. An option is folded (double size) slip-sheets for each print.
Your portfolio must be presented within a single folded piece of newsprint, clearly labeled with your name. The portfolio should be simple to review with each edition squarely stacked and labeled appropriately but not wrapped, taped, or otherwise difficult to view. Some prints will likely be retained for exhibition or for the records of the class and shop. These may eventually be used for program fundraising or discarded.

FINAL TIME FOR PRINTING: No later than midnight, Sunday, June 6th, 2010.
PORTFOLIOS DUE: No later than Noon, Wednesday, June 9th, 2010, in Intaglio studio
FINAL CRITIQUE: 7:30 AM, Monday, June 7, 2009. Shop clean-up is scheduled for TBA, or other arranged time,
LOCKERS AND DRAWERS EMPTY AND CLEAN: No later than 7PM, Wednesday, June 9th
PORTFOLIO PICK-UP: After 5PM, Friday, June 11th, 2010, in Intaglio studio.

A -All requirements met with overall excellence (extra work needed). Initiative is important.
B -All requirements met with outstanding overall quality but somewhat lower, not proven (extra work helps) as above.
C -All requirements met with average accomplishment and effort (extra work may be necessary).
D -All requirements met with minimum effort or accomplishment.
E -Those who do not meet minimum requirements or those who do, but show a lack of reasonable understanding of conceptual and technical performance/development in work produced.

Some important qualifications for assessing your accomplishment (not an exhaustive list):

 All margins equal –or proof of consistent consideration is evident in paper to ink presentation
 Clean margins –free of fingerprints, smudges, dirt, or offset ink
 Flat prints –not cockled, wrinkled, or otherwise unevenly surfaced
 Consistent editions – prints wiped, inked, printed, and registered consistently
 Complete editions –minimum of 6 prints
 Prints properly signed and numbered
 Paper size cut or torn cleanly and consistently
 Edition editing –do not include inconsistent prints for the sake of having a bigger edition or meeting minimum requirements
 Ambition/initiative in technique -complex layering, multiple colors, thoroughly worked, multiple/complex drawing processes, varied value range, line quality skill or variation etc.
 Ambition/initiative in concept and intelligence –individual growth, comprehensive understanding, effective problem solving, intelligent risk taking, sincerity, thoroughness, care, diligence etc.
 Active participation and involvement
 Positive attitude and attentiveness
 Preparedness for critiques including completing assigned readings
 4 Completed and thorough papers
 Extra work signed and numbered correctly

Possible 0-5 for each qualification add the 15 qualifications together. The total = (AB) in equation AB/75 = X/100 
X= an approximation of your grade. Example AB = 64, 64/75 = X/100, X = 85.

REQUIRED SUPPLIES FOR INTAGLIO:    * Indicates items that may be available for purchase through the S.P.A.
Paper towels*                                                          Ruler @ least 24 inches, 36 is better
X-ACTO knife with blades and/or matt knife          Cheep paint brushes different sizes*
Loupe (magnifying lens)                                          Printing paper* (various choices) EE
Mylar/ acetate*                                                        Dry point tool, scrapper, and burnisher*      
Ink spatulas*                                                            Neoprene, Nitrile or other chemical resistant gloves
Spray paint (non-metallic)                                       Paint marker (Sharpie Blue) not Elmer’s
Blotters*                                                                   Rubbing alcohol and soap
Copper plates*                                                        Brasso
Masking tape                                                           Lab fee $55

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